Meet Shayan


Shayan grew up on Hill St., the jewelry district on Los Angeles. Working for and by his father's side Shayan grew attune and talented in design, components, composites and the processes for creating jewelry.  

In addition to learning the inner workings of the jewelry business on Hill St., Shayan pursued a formal education at the Gemological Institute of America and became accredited in 2012.

From there, Shayan focused on building his business and differentiating himself by providing unparalleled service to his clients, and working hand in hand with them to create the piece of their dreams.

meet shayan afshar

Shayan created the Shayan Afshar Private Client in 2015. His focus on service and quality paired with his professionalism and discretion has afforded him the opportunity to work with incredible people.

If you are interested in creating something with Shayan and becoming a Private Client please reach out here